Help with Notarizing a Document

How do I sign documents?

We use electronic signing (eSigning) technology that requires no additional hardware or application on your end, just your keyboard. When you are in session with our eNotary, you will eSign by typing your name onto the document. We have embed a number of security features into our finalized documents to

How do I add additional people to Notarize with me? is the first company in the nation that allows remote multiple signers to be able to connect to us and notarize your documents. Here is how it would work: Click on Start a New Notary Request2. Upload your PDF file that needs a Notarize. 3. Add Additional Signers

Can I upload a Document and send it to someone to Notarize?

Yes! When you are uploading your documents on the second screen, you will be asked who needs to notarize your document. On that screen, simply select Other as shown in a screen cast below.

Do you Notarize for foreigners?

No. Currently we are not notarizing for anyone who does not have a US ID, US Passport or US Social Security Number.

Can I Notarize a Will?

Yes. Here at we do notarize wills. Just make sure you add all of your witnesses as signers. We do not provide witnesses. You must bring in your own witnesses. We do support witnesses located remotely.

Should I sign documents before uploading?

You have the ability to hand-draw your signatures on our platform as seen here: Therefor documents should not be signed prior to uploading on our platform.

Can you notarize degree certificates or diplomas?

Often our clients ask us to notarize degree or diploma certificates for them to be used in educational institutes. Unfortunately does not notarize degree certifications at this time. You would want to contact your educational institute for getting a true copy of your issued certificate or get an

Can I edit a Document after it has been Notarized?

When our Notary agents notarize a document, we also secure all of our documents with our own digital encryption key and lock each file. Therefor once document is notarized by it can not be edited. Only functions you can perform is Print or Email document.

Need help?

Have you any question which is not answered in this knowledge base? Contact us. We are here to help you.

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