Getting Started

Do I need to install any software to Notarize Documents Online

Today, people connect to us using different set of devices often people are using their smartphone or their templates to connect to us. We fundamentally feel no software installation should be necessary to utilize our services. Minimum System Requirements:5Mbps Internet Connection Webcam or a Smartphone with front-facing Camera A

How to Setup Your Account on

The following brief tutorial will teach you how to set up an account. Create Your AccountBegin by creating an account on our creation page: Upload your DocumentOnce account is created you will be asked to upload your documents that needs a notarization: Please note:

When do I make a Payment?

Very much like how you notarize documents in person, on our website you are not asked to pay for your notary event until you or all of your signing party has notarized with us. Create Your AccountUpload Your DocumentsConnect and Notarize Your DocumentsMake a PaymentDownload Your Notarized Document (or Email

How do I add additional people to Notarize with me? is the first company in the nation that allows remote multiple signers to be able to connect to us and notarize your documents. Here is how it would work: Click on Start a New Notary Request2. Upload your PDF file that needs a Notarize. 3. Add Additional Signers

Can I upload a Document and send it to someone to Notarize?

Yes! When you are uploading your documents on the second screen, you will be asked who needs to notarize your document. On that screen, simply select Other as shown in a screen cast below.

Can I Notarize a Will?

Yes. Here at we do notarize wills. Just make sure you add all of your witnesses as signers. We do not provide witnesses. You must bring in your own witnesses. We do support witnesses located remotely.

Should I sign documents before uploading?

You have the ability to hand-draw your signatures on our platform as seen here: Therefor documents should not be signed prior to uploading on our platform.

How do I contact support?

Our live chat can answer almost all of the questions we receive. If you have checked those resources and cannot find an answer, you can contact us by logging into your account and clicking our live chat button in the lower right-hand corner of the dashboard:

Need help?

Have you any question which is not answered in this knowledge base? Contact us. We are here to help you.

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