What is an Online or Remote Online Notarization?

Remote Electronic Notarization or Simply called Online Notary, is an act in which a notarial act is performed when signers and their notary agent is not physically present in the same location.

Who can Notarize a Document Online?

Current regulations in the United States, where Remote Electronic Notarizations are allowed state, any US Resident can notarize online. On our platform, we do require last 4 digits of US SSN to be inputted to verify your identity online. Therefor if you are a US Resident, US Citizen and if

What is an electronic/online notarization?

The electronic notarization is a process where a certified, approved for Electronic Notarization notary affixes electronic notary signature and seal information to an electronic document (such as a PDF file). Once affixed to the electronic document, the document is rendered tamper evident such that unauthorized attempts to alter the document

Is electronic/online notarization legal?

Yes Online Notarizations are legal since 2011. The Commonwealth of Virginia signed into law SB 827 and HB 2318. These bills authorize and allow for approved, certified Virginia Notaries to legally notarize any signature within any US State by using audio-video capturing technology

What are the system requirements to do an online notary?

Our clients can use Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers, a smartphone, a laptop or a desktop computer (PC or Mac) or a notebook with a web camera. Good internet connection is also required, preferably via cable or secured Wi-Fi connection that allows for online audio-video conferencing. You also

Do you support Multiple Signers?

Yes! Our platform is designed so multiple people can come online at the time convenient to them and notarize the same document. We even allow you to schedule notarizations that's most convenient to you.

What type of documents do you notarize?

The most popular documents that we notarize are Acknowledgments, Mortgage Documents, Jurats, Affidavits, Signature Witnessing, Verification Documents, Oath or Affirmation, Deeds, Deeds of Trust. There are many other document types that are not listed here but be sure to ask our team about your document needs.

How secured is your platform?

We knew from day one of platform development we had to get security right to survive. We built our security stack first to ensure customers and businesses can rely on us for their legal documents. Our website uses Bank-grade security during your documents upload and notarization process. No one but

How much does it cost?

We charge $19.95/Signer/Notarization. Price is now the same for Domestic and International Notarizations. Moreover, you do not pay until we notarize your documents.

What type of documents cannot be electronically notarized?

Per Virginia law, it is not possible to electronically notarize documents certifying birth, death, or marriage certificates or certifying true copies of court issued documents. These types of documents must be certified by the Virginia Division of Vital Records/Statistics per Virginia State Law. Please contact our staff to verify

What are your hours of operation?

Our standard hours of operation are from Monday to Sunday 8AM - 10PM Eastern Time Zone (US). However, we offer flexible hours to meet the needs of our customers so please contact us to discuss any after-hours notary needs; we will work with you to schedule an appointment.

What type of payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Forms of Credit Cards accepted are: VisaMasterCardAMEXDiscoverPayPal

Who accepts Online Notarizations?

Both public and private institutions accept documents notarized electronically. As more business have become aware of electronic notary services, they prefer an online notary as opposed to a traditional one. With our platform they can verify their documents 24/7, something they can't do when done offline Should you require

What is Photo ID Requirements for an Online Notary?

Accepted forms of identification for having notarial services performed include the following. State-issued driver’s licenseState-issued identification cardResident Alien identification card (Green Card)U.S. passportUnaccepted forms of identification may include the following. Birth certificatesSocial security cardsSchool identification cardsCredit cardsDebit cardsWe only notarize electronically once the documents are uploaded and

How does Notary take place over the internet?

Once your identity is successfully verified, you will connect to your notary public via audio-video technology, where your notary public identifies you visually and you eSign your document (s). Our notary public will then apply their signature and eNotary seal to your document to complete the notarization process and email

How do I sign documents?

We use electronic signing (eSigning) technology that requires no additional hardware or application on your end, just your keyboard. When you are in session with our eNotary, you will eSign by typing your name onto the document. We have embed a number of security features into our finalized documents to

Can I also use your services if I am not located in Virginia?

Yes, you can. The Commonwealth of Virginia authorizes certified notaries to notarize out of state documents. Once your document is notarized by a certified Virginia notary public, it is valid across state lines.

Should I sign documents before uploading?

You have the ability to hand-draw your signatures on our platform as seen here: https://support.onlinenotary.net/how-do-i-sign-documents/ Therefor documents should not be signed prior to uploading on our platform.

Need help?

Have you any question which is not answered in this knowledge base? Contact us. We are here to help you.

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